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Three dimensional embroidered cold water soluble cotton
General specification
200g/m2 thick, 100cm wide, 50yds long;
300g/m2 thick, 100cm wide, 33yds long;
400g/m2 thick, 100cm wide, 25yds long;

Water-soluble cotton:
The raw material of water-soluble cotton is PVA fiber, which dissolves in tap water. It is environmental protection, low temperature, fast dissolving, tasteless and tasteless after dissolving. Water-soluble cotton is developed for three-dimensional embroidery. The thickness of water-soluble cotton is 2-3 mm and the weight is 200-400 g/. It has ideal low water-soluble temperature, good acid and alkali resistance, tasteless and tasteless after dissolving in water. Toxic, water-soluble colorless transparent, can be naturally biodegradable in a relatively short time; can reduce the risk of color variation, low-temperature water-soluble is not easy to scald cloth, embroidery without any residue; environmental protection, soluble, is an excellent water-soluble interlining for embroidery three-dimensional embroidery. It is specially used for three dimensional embroidery, hollow embroidery, vacuum embroidery, hollowing embroidery and so on.

200g/㎡ thick, 100cm wide, 50yds long;
300g/㎡ thick, 100cm wide, 33yds long;
400g/㎡ thick, 100cm wide, 25yds long;

Matters needing attention:
Three-dimensional embroidery water-soluble cotton thickness is 2-4 mm thick, there is a certain degree of bulkiness, do a perfect three-dimensional embroidery products note two aspects, in the three-dimensional embroidery process and washing process is difficult to grasp: (1) in the three-dimensional embroidery process, to embroider the ideal three-dimensional effect must be adjusted machine; (2) washing process should also pay attention to, general points Three washes, the first soak wash, the second and the third wash, so as to ensure that there is no residue in the three-dimensional embroidery fabric, otherwise the three-dimensional embroidery fabric hardening feel worse.

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