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Custom 1cm paste hot melt tape EAA hot melt adhesive film PO adhesive embroidery embroidered hot embroidery
1, commonly used thickness of 0.06, 0.08, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18mm, other thickness can be customized production;
2, the conventional whole roll width is 48, 50, 97, 100cm, other width can be customized production, can be cut into 1cm width;
3. The peel strength data differs depending on the material to be bonded and the process;
4, the use conditions depending on the customer's use of the tool, the type of bonding material, thickness and conditions of use vary, can be adjusted appropriately;
5. Common bonding materials are accumulated by our factory experience. Due to different materials and surface treatment conditions, poor bonding may occur. Please contact our factory for special materials.

The hot melt adhesive film product is coated with high-precision die by pure imported formula. It is a polymer material that is absolutely environmentally friendly, non-polluting and harmless to the human body. The thickness of the adhesive layer is uniform. The product is similar to double-sided adhesive, and the bottom layer has high temperature resistance. Release paper, which is solid and non-sticky at normal temperature, is very convenient in processing operation. It only needs electric iron or hot press and hot rolling machine and can be heated to make the adhesive layer melt and become sticky. The two objects are firmly stuck. Can be pasted with cotton, aluminum, leather, non-woven fabric, paper and other materials. Widely used in aluminum mesh adhesive, embroidery trademark, laser burning, footwear, cotton compounding and other fields. It has the characteristics of affordable, easy processing, strong adhesion, weather resistance and washability. The thickness, width, color and other specifications of this product can be formulated.
main feature:
1. Affordable price, good washing effect, high bonding fastness and low processing temperature;
2, no sticky hands under normal temperature conditions, no bonding properties;
3. In the process of processing, no harmful solvents are added, only the physical state is changed, and the characteristics of environmental protection, wide bonding range and rapid bonding are inherited;
4, the hot pressing process is simple, the peeling strength is high, the product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and is the best choice for export-oriented products;
5, conventional bonding materials: fabric (except Lycra, Jiaji, diving cloth), leather, pvc, pet, aluminum, aluminum foil, foam, etc.;
6, application areas: embroidery trademarks, laser burning flowers, footwear, cotton composites, shielding materials, sports equipment, packaging, luggage, clothing, footwear and so on.

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