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Instructions for returning goods
2019-03-07 18:18:13

Exchange process:

1. If the customer finds that the product's variety, specifications and quality are not in compliance with the requirements of the company's products, it should properly keep the written objection to the company's business representative within three days; during the collection and payment period, the customer Have the right to refuse payment for goods that do not meet the same requirements. If the customer fails to file a written objection within the prescribed time limit, it shall be deemed that the delivered product complies with the contract.

2. After receiving the customer's application, our company's business representative will be handed over to the Quality Inspection Department and the Logistics Commissioner for processing within three days (other than the other provisions or the parties will agree on the deadline), if the customer's service attitude to our company's business representatives If you are not satisfied with the processing method or processing time, you can call our general manager of the company (15718225454) during business hours to complain to our company representative;

3. After the situation is verified, the representative shall notify the customer to return the goods for replacement or replenishment;

4. The customer sends back the invoice for a new printed invoice.

Exchange General:

We are committed to the following conditions: from the date of sale of the product (based on the actual date of receipt), you can exchange the goods within 3 days, the customer will notify you by phone and contact us by phone to handle the exchange:

1. Functional failure, confirmed by the quality inspection department of our production department, and issued a test report.

2. To the flow loss or missing parts of the logistics loss refers to the damage, liquid leakage, crushing, performance failure caused by the transportation process, the verification is true (during the period may require the courier certification, in order to quickly make judgments and timely processing), Unconditional exchange of goods.

No return or exchange:

We will not return the goods in one of the following circumstances:

1. Any goods that are not sold by us;

2. For over-guaranteed goods or affect secondary sales;

3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, improper installation, quality of goods, or tearing, alteration of label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;

4. The outer packaging and accessories of the goods (required to be returned together with the main goods), the instructions are incomplete, and the invoices are missing or altered;

5. The original packaging of the sealed product is opened (such as a one-time seal or the strip is unpacked);6, the product has been used.

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