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Get a free sample description
2019-03-07 18:33:42

Application sample description:

1, free sample description

If the customer needs the product, our company has the stock, and does not need to process the order, can provide free samples around 1PCS. But the courier will pay. If you want the sample to be free and you are not willing to pay for the courier, we will not provide free samples.

2, the charge sample

If the products that customers need, our company has no inventory, we also need our company to develop and design according to your company's product requirements, the original materials need to be purchased, and need engineering and technical personnel to make special production, all need to charge some sample fees.

3, the sample fee is refunded

Sample fee, after some orders, can be returned, can be deducted from the amount of large goods.

4, the reason for collecting sample fees

Although our products have been imitated, they have never been surpassed. In order to effectively prevent our products from being stolen and misused. From the side, we test the customer's integrity in purchasing the product. (a. If the customer is interested in our products or products that need to be developed by our company, they will be willing to take the initiative to pay the sample fee. b. The sample fee will be refunded after the order is placed)

Information required to apply for samples:

When you apply for a sample, you need to tell us the logistics information such as your address, contact information, real name of the recipient, etc., and tell us the name, type, model, quantity and approximate of the sample you are looking for. For the purpose and process, we can recommend the type and model of the product that best suits the process requirements and expectations according to your description and specific process requirements. If you need help, please feel free to contact us.

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