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Steam pressure double working surface hot film hot glue press
Recommended model:
60*80cm double working surface double heating plate
Customizable models:
40*60cm, 80*100cm

The embroidery with hot melt film is pressed on the flat heating plate, and the hot melt film on the historical embroidery will be ironed on the hot melt film of hot plate and manually removed, so that the embroidery will be clean without residual hot melt film.
Recommended model:
60*80cm double working face double hot plate
Model available:
40 * 60 cm, 80 * 100 cm

The characteristics of
Differences from other film melting machines:
1. It is exclusively used for scalding film in embroidery village with edge length below 75cm;
2. Low equipment cost, no space, power saving and durable, flexible and convenient operation;
3. The temperature error of the integrated numerical control thermostatic heating aluminum plate is within positive and negative 1 degree;
4. Easy to operate, and double operation can improve work efficiency.

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