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Description of embroidery hot melt film


Embroidered hot melt film (also called hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive film, film, embroidered film), is a kind of brand-new instead of traditional non-woven paper (lining) of the new product, the domestic embroidery embroidery has comprehensive use it instead of paper without weaving, it solved the paper liner is stripped clean and embroidery products easy to wrinkle folding after stripping, the embroidery appear flaw, time-consuming and not beautiful, hot melt film production should pass five or six procedures, but flexible production specifications, thickness can be produced by number of embroidery needle between 0.02 mm to 0.10 mm, margin can be made to embroidery machine width 500 mm to 2000 mm, The length can be manufactured by the customer (generally under 500 yards), and the color can be made transparent, white, grey, black, red, green, yellow, blue and other colors according to the embroidery color. The appearance can be divided into the front side with embossing and the opposite side with light grain, and there are also two sides with light grain (double-sided light grain is not recommended).

1. Embossing prevents fabric sliding and displacement;
2. Pinion stomata has a soft cushion effect on the cloth;
3. Low temperature and low pressure stripping, easy to peel, quick melting without odor;
4. Defilm breathable and clean non-stick cloth;
5. Applicable to most fabrics in the market;
6. Direct needle embroidery, environmentally friendly and non-toxic;
7. Cost saving compared with water soluble film processing;
8. The embroidery process is neat and clean without leaving any residual fibers;
9. Environmental protection does not contain formaldehyde, which meets the high requirements of children's clothing.

General specification:
AAA class,0.03mm thick,160cm wide,450 yards long, transparent
AAA grade,0.05mm thick,160cm wide,300 yards long, transparent
AAA grade,0.05mm thick,160cm wide,300 yards long, black
AAA class,0.07mm thick,160cm wide,200 yards long, transparent
AAA grade,0.07mm thick,160cm wide,200 yards long, black
AAA grade,0.05mm thick,180cm wide,300 yards long, transparent

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