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Water soluble embroidery film

In order to adapt itself to the requirements of embroidery machine use, to introduce our factory for embroidery embroidery fast dissolving type water soluble film, at room temperature (15 ℃ to 30 ℃) underwater melting 30 seconds (if water, good liquidity faster), dissolve 2 minutes to thoroughly clean, without any residue on the embroidery produce harmful substances, is used for table cloth embroidery, lace, mesh cloth, cloth of the market. Water soluble film is almost fully replace the traditional hot boiled water soluble paper (high temperature) line, the traditional hot boiled water soluble paper (high temperature) lining will make temperature 60 ℃ above to dissolve and boiled with embroidery products easy corrugate, individual products appear decoloring, time-consuming and not beautiful, than the traditional hot boiled water soluble paper lining is more convenient, and temperature can be completely dissolved completely clean, and can greatly reduce the defective rate of embroidery.

1. It has excellent softness on the bottom of embroidery, with the same hand feeling before and after.
2. Before and after water dissolution, the color of cloth and thread does not change color, which is completely consistent;
3. Meet the requirements of various embroidery techniques and strength paid on the bottom;
4. Edible environmental-friendly materials, without side effects, which are free of formaldehyde and dissolved into starch, water and carbon dioxide;
5. Fast dissolution. At 15 ℃ to 30 ℃ room temperature water for 30 seconds can be dissolved;

Matters needing attention:
1. Dissolution rate depends on factors such as film thickness, water temperature, water quantity and liquidity. Generally, the thicker the film is, the slower its dissolution rate will be.
2. When not in use, seal the package with it to prevent moisture absorption and wrinkle;
3. The film is positive, negative, bright on the front, and dark on the back. When used in embroidery, the downward effect is good on the back.
4. The film can be resistant to mineral oil, almost all oil and organic solvents, but it cannot contact with the water-soluble film for strong acid, strong alkali, chlorine free radical and other materials that can react with the film (such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, etc.).

Grade, thickness, width, length, color;
AAA,0.025mm,100cm,300yds, natural color;
AAA,0.035mm,100cm,300yds, natural color;
AAA,0.045mm,100cm,300yds, natural color;
AAA,0.025mm,100cm,200yds, natural color;
AAA,0.035mm,100cm,200yds, natural color;
AAA,0.045mm,100cm,200yds, natural color;
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