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Film remover hot melt film remover hot melt adhesive film cleaning agent embroidery film cleaning agent
Please note that this product has only one specification and is only sold in Guangdong Province due to logistics and express delivery restrictions.

In order to solve the problem that the embroidery and embroidery hot melt hot melt film ironing machine is not cleaned, the adhesive time is too long or the temperature is too high, the company has launched a special cleaning agent (also known as "Qing Hao agent", "Gel remover").
This product is liquid, 24 bottles / box, 6 bottles for sale.
(Because the product is liquid and cannot be transported by air, only a few express companies are transported, please contact the agent before placing the order.)
First, apply to:
Thoroughly and quickly remove hot-melt adhesive spots on computer embroidery, embroidery products, finished garments, silk garments, mesh products, cloth sofas, ties and other fabrics.
Second, product features:
Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic, no residue.
Third, the use of:
1. Control the temperature of the special hot melt machine (surface) to about 220 °C (determine the temperature according to the thickness of the cut piece, the model of the machine and the quality level of the film);
2. Add a layer of fabric on the heating plate to prevent the piece from directly contacting the heating plate to avoid being burned out;
3. Spray the cleaning agent directly on the piece of the piece with the hot melt adhesive film, place the part of the hot melt adhesive film on the top of the ironing machine, add a layer of cloth, and dry it;
Fourth, note:
1. If you have more stubborn spots or glues that are difficult to clean, use a brush to lightly brush, then dry it, or repeat the operation according to the “Usage Method”.
2, to remove the fabric of unknown material, you can first do the spray test in the fabric is not obvious, to determine the fabric is not harmful and then reuse.
3, flammable items, away from heat, do not near fire. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not hit the can body. Should be stored below 50 °C. Keep away from children.
4. If you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, you should seek medical advice, inadvertent swallowing or excessive inhalation, you should seek medical advice.

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