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Hand pressing type ironing machine operation process

Operation process:

1. Plug in the power supply, turn on the main power switch, and the power indicator light will be on; (Note: the whole machine must have a suitable protective ground wire); adjust the thermostat to the required temperature (usually 130 °C-200 °C) For example, the AAA grade environmentally friendly material film temperature is generally 130 ° C -160 ° C); adjust the timer to the required time (usually about 5 to 20 seconds);

2. When the temperature of the heating plate reaches the specified temperature, firstly spread 3 to 5 layers of hot melt film on the heating plate (depending on the thickness of the film), it is best not to have bubbles when laying the flat;

3, the embroidered embroidery has a film on one side of the flat heating plate, pay attention to flatten;

4. Manually press down the pressure handle and wait until the time counts down to “0” to pull the pressure handle;

5, remove the embroidery (if there is still some hot peeling is not clean can repeat the third step 4).

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