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Embroidered water soluble film / PVA embroidery film

The embroidered water-soluble film is a brand new substitute for the traditional non-woven fabric (paper lining). Today, the embroidery embroidery industry has fully used this product instead of paper non-woven fabric processing. The paper lining is not easy to be stripped clean and the finished embroidery product is easy to wrinkle after being stripped, which makes the product appear flawed, time-consuming and unattractive. This product can completely solve the above problems.

First, water soluble
The PVA film can be used as a temporary carrier for the production of computer embroidery and wigs. In terms of embroidery, since the PVA film used for padding has water solubility, it is only required to be soaked in normal temperature water for about 30 seconds, and the water-soluble rubber lining which is applied to the bottom of the embroidery can be completely dissolved, and a high-quality embroidery pattern can be presented. The traditional high-temperature water-soluble paper lining generally needs to be dissolved above 90 °C, and the finished embroidery product is easy to wrinkle after hot boiling, which makes the individual products appear discolored or discolored, which is time-consuming and laborious and unsightly. In order to meet the needs of the embroidery industry, Haining Youpu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced high-tech new products, fast-dissolving cold water-soluble film, which has been recognized by many customers and orders are constantly on! The advantage is that the cold water can be completely dissolved and can enhance the quality and the quality of the finished embroidery. This product can be completely dissolved in normal temperature water (15 ° C) for 30 seconds, completely dissolved in 2 minutes, no residue on the embroidery, no harmful substances, easy to handle, no residue such as drawing, gelling, etc. Applicable to multi-head embroidery machine, it will not break the wire and move the polarized hole; instead of the non-woven pad, it can avoid the deformation of the textile and the dyeing of the fiber dyeing at high temperature, which is more convenient than the traditional high-temperature water-soluble paper lining.

Second, the characteristics of embroidered water-soluble film
1. The elasticity is small, and there will be no disconnection when the machine is embroidered;
2, the unique pattern design and the brittle tension are strong, so that the embroidery needle does not jump the needle, does not match the needle, does not move, does not shift;
3, cold water-soluble (20 ± 5) degrees, melting speed, generally dissolved in water for about 30 seconds;
4, cold water solubility is good (20 ± 5) degrees, the melting rate is fast, the dissolution is thorough, leaving no residue, such as drawing, glue and other residue;
5. After water-soluble, the color of the embroidered fabric is exactly the same as before the water is dissolved, and it will not change color;
6. The cold water-soluble film pad has excellent softness at the bottom of the embroidery, and the feel is exactly the same before and after embroidering;
7, environmental protection without any side effects, non-toxic, non-polluting, formaldehyde-free, and finally degraded to CO2 and h3O;
8. The cold water soluble film can fully meet the strength requirements of various embroidery crafts to pay at the bottom;
9, cold water soluble film can be used in all types of high-end underwear, fashion and special fabrics.

Third, the use of precautions
1. When washing water, the water temperature should be kept between 15-30 °C;
2. Try to use turbulent water during the washing process, and the amount of water should be sufficient, so that it is faster and cleaner;
3, the last time, please clean with water to prevent the fabric from hardening;
4. The remaining film after use is packaged in time with PE film to prevent moisture.

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