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Large-scale roller machine suitable for automatic embroidery of tablecloth and hot-melt adhesive film in hot film processing plant


This is a hot film equipment used for post-treatment of embroidery. Its working principle is that the hot melt adhesive film on the embroidery will be automatically hot on the roller after being heated, so that the embroidery will be clean without residue. It has the functions of automatic crushing (full automatic), water-cooled roller (full automatic), automatic cloth spreading, automatic cloth pulling, automatic cloth placing, ironing edge shovel (full automatic), automatic glue stripping, etc. This machine is simple in design, simple in operation, clean in stripping, efficient in production, and can effectively ensure that the fabric will not shrink, discolor, shrink, and discolor.
Refer to the following table for specific functions and parameters.

▲ Full-automation

▲ Semi-automatic

▲ Simple type

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