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Overview of seven kinds of weft knitted fabrics
2019-03-09 16:07:06

According to different kinds of weft knitted fabrics, such as low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc., using flat needle structure, changing flat needle tissue, rib structure, double rib structure, jacquard tissue, hair Circle organization, etc., woven on various weft knitting machines. There are many varieties of weft knitted fabrics, generally have good elasticity and extensibility, the fabric is soft, firm and wrinkle resistant, strong hair type, and easy to wash and dry. The main disadvantages are poor hygroscopicity, not enough fabric, and easy to disperse and curl. The chemical fiber fabric is easy to fluff, pilling and hooking.
1. Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric: Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric is made of dyed low-elastic polyester yarn. According to the design requirements, different colors are arranged. Jacquard weave is used to weave 3~6 colors or more. . Common patterns include strips, lattices, flowers, figures, animals, landscapes, geometric patterns, and so on. The fabric has bright color, beautiful appearance, and matching color tone. The texture is tight and thick, the texture is clear, the hair style is strong, and there is a style similar to the woolen tweed. Mainly used for men's and women's tops, suits, windbreakers, vests, skirts, cotton jacket fabrics, children's wear and so on.
2, polyester knitted fabric: polyester knitted fabric, also known as polyester knitted denim, is made of low-elastic polyester yarn, one of which is thicker dyed into navy, a thinner is white, using Jacquard weave, the surface of the fabric has a uniform and fine color point in the navy blue. The fabric is tight and thick, strong and wear resistant, and is stiff and flexible. If the raw material is made of a spandex yarn containing spandex, it can be woven into a stretch-knit denim with better elasticity. Mainly used for men and women tops and trousers.
3, polyester knit wick fabric: polyester knit wick fabric is made of low-elastic polyester yarn, woven with varying double rib structure. At the time of knitting, 1 to 2 stitches are taken out every several longitudinal stitches, so that the cloth surface exhibits straight stripes which are wide and narrow and uneven. The thickness of the stripes can be determined as required. The fabric has a distinctly embossed texture, a thick and full feel, and good elasticity and warmth. Mainly used for men's and women's tops, suits, windbreakers, children's wear and other fabrics.
4, polyester cover cotton knitted fabric: polyester cover cotton knitted fabric is a double rib composite polyester cotton fabric. It uses polyester yarn to weave the front of the fabric, and the cotton yarn weaves the opposite side of the fabric, and the front and back sides are joined by the tuck. The fabric is dyed and used as a shirt, jacket, and sportswear fabric. This fabric is wrinkle-resistant, firm and wear-resistant, and it is moisture-absorbing and breathable, soft and comfortable.
5, artificial fur knitted fabrics: artificial fur knitted fabrics often use cotton yarn, viscose yarn or polypropylene yarn as the base fabric yarn, acrylic or modacrylic fiber as the fluff, when weaving, the fiber bundle and the ground yarn together into a circle, and the fiber The two ends are exposed on the surface of the fabric, and after the weaving, the adhesive is applied on the reverse side of the fabric to shape the fabric to avoid hair loss, and then a series of finishing processes such as combing, printing, shearing, etc., to obtain artificial effects with various appearance effects. fur. This fabric feels thick, soft and warm. Depending on the variety, it is mainly used as a coat fabric, a clothing lining, a collar, a hat, and the like. Artificial fur is also woven by warp knitting.
6, velvet knitwear: velvet knitwear is made of cotton yarn, polyester filament, nylon filament, polyester-cotton blended yarn and other raw materials for the ground yarn, cotton yarn, polyester filament or polyester textured yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn The pile yarn is formed by the ground yarn woven on the plush knitting machine by the terry tissue, the pile yarn forms a loop, and then the loop is formed by cutting the loop, and then cut and scalded. The pile yarn can also be knitted into the ground tissue according to the liner yarn and cut through the loop. The fabric is soft to the touch, the fabric is thick, strong and wear resistant, the fluff is thick and the color is soft. Mainly used as outerwear fabric, collar or hat material. Swan knit is a type of plush knit. The plush knit fabric can be woven by a warp knitting method in addition to the weft knitting method, for example, a warp knitted loop fabric.
7. Hong Kong-style knitted woolen fabric: Hong Kong-style knitted woolen fabric is a weft knitted knitted fabric made of high-grade cashmere and polyester yarn. It has the smooth, soft and bulky feel of cashmere fabric, and the silk fabric has the characteristics of soft gloss, good drape, no shrinkage and strong breathability. Mainly used as fabric for spring, autumn and winter fashion.

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