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Water soluble film use precautions

1. The dissolution rate depends on factors such as film thickness, water temperature, water volume and fluidity. Generally speaking, the thicker the solution, the slower the dissolution rate. The higher the water temperature, the faster the dissolution rate. The higher the water volume, the faster the dissolution rate and the water flow. The faster it dissolves, the faster it will be;

2. When not in use, seal it with its seal to prevent moisture absorption and wrinkling;

3. The film has positive and negative sides, the front side is bright, and the reverse side is dim. When used, it is preferred to use it. When used in embroidering, the reverse facing effect is better.

4, the film can withstand mineral oil, almost all oils and organic solvents, but for strong acids, strong bases, chlorine radicals and other substances that can react with the film (such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, etc.) can not be dissolved with water Film contact.

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