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2019-03-07 18:40:31

Focus on the supply of film materials

1, professional 15 years of film production experience!

Fujin Knitting Film Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Since 2005, it has opened its first factory. It is a rubber film, hot melt film, water soluble film, hot glue, adhesive and other products and equipments for embroidery and packaging. a comprehensive company that integrates production, production and sales;

2, product SGS certification, factory inspection, quality stability!

Fujin Spinning Co., Ltd. has professional testing equipment. Each batch of products has professional testing before leaving the factory. After passing the test, it will be delivered to the factory to provide professional quality assurance for each customer.

3, provide professional personality solutions!

Fujin Textile Co., Ltd. has a professional technical service team to provide environmentally-friendly, high-quality and stable products and solutions for special process needs. At the same time, it provides the most suitable materials to reduce costs and achieve a win-win goal.

4, the delivery cycle is short, fast, to ensure that you have no worries!

Fujin Spinning Company's conventional specifications products have long-term inventory, and the hot-selling products have a stock volume of 500-1000 rolls. Conventional specifications products can generally be shipped the same day, and at the same time cooperate with major logistics companies, perfect supply system and logistics transportation system for you. Tailor-made supply solutions to fully protect your interests;

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