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Water soluble film product application

1. Lining bags for pesticides and chemical products. Avoid touching pesticides and chemical products by hand, and no residual pesticides in plastic bags;

2, cement additives, silicon powder, etc., packaging bags. Avoid dust flying and harm the environment;

3, embroidery, wig and other fabric carriers. Supporting the carrier for easy cleaning;

4. Artificial large stone release film. Water-soluble film on the inner surface of the film can be quickly released from the mold;

5, curved printing water transfer,. After printing on the film, it can be transferred onto a curved surface;

6, seed belt. Pack the seeds at regular intervals and bury them in the ground to save valuable seeds, which can save the busyness of the seedlings;

7, hospital washing bags. It can be cleaned without touching contaminated clothing;

9. The hot water soluble film is suitable for garment packaging;

10. It can be used in food preservation packaging and air cushion bags after being compounded with other plastics.

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