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Multi-thickness new material computer embroidery fast dissolving water-soluble paper

The quick-dissolved water-soluble paper is to adapt to the quick-dissolved tap water soluble film used by the embroidery machine. This film can be dissolved in 30 seconds under normal temperature (15 ℃ - 30 ℃) water (if the water volume is large and the fluidity is good and faster), and completely dissolved in 2 minutes. There is no residue on the embroidery and no harmful substances are produced. It can be used as a good product for table cloth embroidery, lace, mesh cloth and cloth. It has almost completely replaced the traditional hot-boiled high-temperature water soluble paper lining. After hot-boiled, the finished embroidery product is easy to wrinkle, which makes some products discolor, time-consuming and ugly. It is more convenient than the traditional hot-boiled water soluble paper lining, and it can completely dissolve and clean at room temperature, and can greatly improve the quality rate of embroidery products.

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