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Water soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag

The main feature of the water soluble anti-infective medical fabric disposal bag (anti-infective medical laundry bag) is to prevent cross infection. Because the clothes collection bag made of the traditional PE bag is not soluble in water, the staff need to take the dirty goods (possibly contaminated with viruses, bacteria and chemicals) out of the PE bag by hand and put them into the washing machine, which is easy to be infected. The special laundry bag of the Infection Department of PVOH Hospital can be dissolved in water above 40 ℃, The "fabric anti-infective water-soluble bag" can be directly put into the washing machine, which is not easy to be infected and reduces the risk of infection for operators. Anti-infection treatment products of water-soluble fabrics in the hospital infection department include special laundry bags (fabric anti-infection water-soluble bags), anti-infection fabric collection vehicles and water-soluble quantitative washing/disinfectant packaging products, etc. The products are mainly used for packaging, disinfection, washing of a large number of reusable fabrics with potential biological or chemical pollution risks generated in the daily work process of the hospital infection department or workplace with occupational hazards, It can greatly reduce the pollution and spread of viruses, bacteria and chemicals, reduce the risk of cross contamination between operators, patients and pollutants, effectively reduce the harm to personnel and the working environment, and apply water-soluble anti-infective fabric anti-infective treatment products to treat and package the reusable fabrics in the infection department of the hospital or in the workplace with occupational disease hazards.
Environmental protection is valuable, life is more expensive, and responsible for life and environment!
Polyvinyl alcohol (Pva) is a water-soluble polymer. With polyvinyl alcohol as the main body, modifier and other additives are added, and processed by special process.
The special laundry bag for hospital infection department belongs to the medium temperature water soluble film (also known as medium soluble film and hot soluble film). The general dissolution temperature is 40 ℃.
Name: water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag
Regular colors: orange, red (customizable)
Conventional thickness: 25micron (customizable)
Water solubility temperature: low temperature (≥ 25 ℃)/medium temperature (≥ 45 ℃)/high temperature (≥ 65 ℃)
Main materials: polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and PE
Packaging: carton packaging
Scope of application:
1. Clean the bed sheets, clothes, mops and other filth in the hospital;
2. Clean the bed sheets, clothes, mops and other dirt in the daily care center;
3. Clean the bed sheets, clothes, mops and other dirt in the infection ward;
4. Control and treatment of ashes bags and bedbugs, etc.
Use process:
1. Put the anti-infection laundry bag into the bucket or cart;
2. Put the collected dirty clothes into the inner bag
3. After collecting the clothes, bind the inner bag mouth with the binding tape attached to the laundry bag;
4. Put the anti-infection washing bag directly into the washing machine for high-temperature washing;
5. During the washing process, water enters the inner bag from both sides and the upper pocket opening. The water soluble belt and the water soluble inner bag will be dissolved in water, and the clothes will be separated from the outer bag. After washing the clothes, collect the remaining bags.

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