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Hot melt film advantages
2019-03-09 16:47:32

1. Low temperature and low pressure stripping;
2, embossing, pores to play the car to prevent the sliding and displacement of the cloth, degumming (film) ventilation, degumming (film) clean non-stick cloth;
3, fast melting, no smell;
4. Applicable to most fabrics and fabrics;
5, the number of slips, broken lines is small, the bur is durable, it is not easy to break the blunt tip, it will not cause the brakes and rags of the car;
6, high production efficiency, fast delivery, reduce manpower, the effect is clean and flawless;
7, easy to tear off, no high pressure peeling;
8. It can be directly needle-stitched, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, dust-free, effective maintenance of the shuttle bed and other parts, prolonging the life of the machine, hygienic in the factory, and no harm to the workers;
9. Cost-saving compared to water-soluble materials and processing methods;
10. The embossed hot melt film has a soft cushion effect on the fabric;
11, easy to use with any embroidery thread;
12. There is no need to change other embroidery needles;
13. Avoid the phenomenon of yarn drawing, drawing, hand staining and bottoming line caused by artificial tearing of paper;
14, the product is neat and clean, there will be no residual fiber left;
15, no formaldehyde, suitable for children's high requirements;
16. After the embroidery, the pieces are soft, flat and beautiful;
17. Avoid the use of hot water to dissolve the color of the fabric, remove the color, shrink, affect the weaving and feel of the cloth, and reduce customer complaints. Thousands of good, I will know when I try.

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