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Agricultural film can not replace the special hot melt film for embroidery
2019-03-09 16:19:43

Traditional agricultural film generally uses multiple recycled PO or PP recycled plastics, which has a great impact on the embroidery process and embroidery. The following five points are specific:

1. The agricultural film is double-sided light grain, which can not increase the resistance between the cloth and the machine, and can not prevent the effect of sliding and shifting of the cloth, and can not play the role of the cloth positioning;

2, hot pressing (commonly known as "melting point") higher temperature, hot film is more difficult and odorous, has a great impact on the color and accommodation of high temperature resistant fabrics and embroidery threads;

3, agricultural film impurities, not environmentally friendly, can not directly needle embroidery;

4, no embossing has no soft cushion effect on the cloth;

5, generally containing formaldehyde, not suitable for children's wear and export embroidery.
Because the agricultural film has the above five fatal defects, it will reduce the yield and excellent rate of the embroidery, affect the life of the embroidery machine, and greatly increase the production cost. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the agricultural film instead of the special hot melt film for embroidery.

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