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Precautions for using hot melt film

1. If you want to remove the white glue (film), clean the machine tool to avoid the stain on the sensitive cloth, or cover the cloth with cotton cloth and cut off the flower position for safe use. Otherwise, black gelatin (film) sticks to the sweater or fabric and becomes a waste product, causing loss.

2, the use of this product should avoid getting oil on the machine, if it is stained with oil must be cleaned before degumming (film), so as not to affect the degumming (film) effect.

3. The thickness, grade and color of the product; the type, temperature, speed and time of the melt adhesive (film) equipment are related to the effect of the melt adhesive (film). It is recommended to confirm the experiment according to the process conditions.

4, the melt glue (film) process must check whether the degumming (film) effect meets the requirements (degumming (film) will affect the effect due to different fabric components), so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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