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Key points for selecting specifications when purchasing hot melt film
2019-03-09 16:23:31

When purchasing the special hot melt film for embroidery, the specifications of the hot melt film should be considered according to the width of the embroidery machine, the density of the embroidery needle, the use of the embroidery, the fabric, etc. If necessary, the non-conventional specifications can be customized for better use and control. Procurement costs, the following points should be considered when purchasing:

1. The number and density of embroidery needles are the main factors determining the hot melt film. Generally, the more stitches (the denser the density), the thicker the hot melt film should be selected.

2. The width of the hot melt film is mainly based on the effective working width of the embroidery machine. It is recommended that you use 3-5cm more than the width of the embroidery machine, which will be better used if the purchase quantity does not reach the manufacturer's MOQ. You can purchase a wide range of hot melt films at the same time;

3, the length of the hot melt film is the most important factor in the procurement, the decisive factor is mainly to consider the convenience of transportation, handling and operation time, the production of hot melt film is generally controlled between 10-18kg;

4, the grade of hot melt film is the main factor affecting the cost of hot melt film. When purchasing hot melt film, it is mainly necessary to consider the use of embroidery. If it is used for export products or direct export, it is best to use AAA grade, if embroidery It is used for domestic products, and A2 grade hot melt film can be used to control the cost;

5, the color of the fabric and embroidery thread is the color determinant of the hot melt film, if it is white cloth and thread to use transparent or white, if the fabric or embroidery thread is dark, you can use black, red, yellow, blue, Green color can be customized;

6, when purchasing, you should also consider the type of hot melt machine, effective working width, speed, heating temperature and other factors;

7. If you can choose the material of the hot melt film when purchasing, it is best to use PE plastic (polyethylene plastic, English name: polyethylene, referred to as PE plastic). If it is PO plastic, because PO plastic is hotter than PE plastic film, the difficulty is high. Large, will reduce the embroidery grade or yield rate, individual embroidery factory uses agricultural film instead of embroidery hot melt film, agricultural film a PO plastic production and most of the recycled materials have a great impact on the quality of embroidery, it is not recommended The agricultural film replaces the hot melt film for embroidery.

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